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What is Adult Education

Written By onci on Tuesday, April 17, 2012 | 10:43 AM

Everybody is familiar with the education that young people get between the ages of 5, when children enter kindergarten, through the age of 18, when they have graduated from high school. But what is adult education? What does that entail?
Adult education is the education of people who are over 18. They are beyond the age limit that allows them into the public school system. It also refers to people who have education knowledge or schooling at or below the sixth grade. Generally, these are also adults who read at a very low level.
There are several challenges in an adult education program. First, many people have jobs and are cannot attend classes during the day time. They cannot simply quit their job and go to school full-time. They may also have children and will need babysitters. Alternative schedules such as evenings and week-ends need to be offered.
Because of the life experiences that the adults have had (jobs, marriage, having children, serving in the military, etc.) the curriculum needs to be adapted. Adult learners have more accumulated experience and knowledge than do young children.
Adults enrolled in an adult education program may have more fears and concerns about their education. They worry whether or not they will be able to understand and remember what is taught in class. They worry whether or not they will have the necessary reading, writing, and math skills. They worry that others will make fun of them. If they have children, they worry about who will babysit them and take care of them while they are in school
There is one great advantage for the teachers in an adult education program. The adult learners are more motivated to learn. They don’t skip school (unless there is a severe problem). They are more mature and understand the value of an education. They see what life is like without a good one. They have a strong desire to improve their situation and to better themselves.
Those administering adult education programs understand these fears and worries – and benefits. They have a true desire to help those enrolled in the program succeed, to get a good education, and to improve their lives.
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