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Taking the SATs

Written By onci on Tuesday, April 17, 2012 | 10:28 AM

Throughout high school you’re always being led up to one final ending point: the SAT. This test that’s always spoken of as if it’s the judgment day of your life combines many different aspects of your education up to that point. But is it really something to worry about all that much or is it the most overrated and overvalued test out there? Read on to find out.
When you’re in middle school you always hear horror stories from teachers how the tests you take then will be absolutely simple compared to what you’ll take in the SAT. It’s spoken of as if it is not only impossible but has brought down students from any class you can think of. If you do poorly on it, you’ll be a failure but if you do well the world is your oyster. Teachers act like just one little test will determine everything.
Well if you’re really that smart, you’ll probably do very well on the SAT. The test weeds out kids who kissed up to the teacher and received higher grades than their actual intellect warranted. While this will hurt a small select group of students out there, many overall will be helped and able to find a way to vault over the competition. SATs are often not that valuable except when doing things like this and colleges are really beginning to recognize it.
Standardized tests are just one component in the college admissions process. They may matter more than things like recommendation letters and extracurricular activities but in the end a good SAT score won’t make up for a poor high school career up to that point. Ultimately your grades you received throughout high school will be the ultimate determining point for all your educational goals.
While SATs may matter for things like scholarships and actually getting into schools, they ultimately don’t follow you once you get into college. What you do there matters. And really it doesn’t matter what college you get into. It only matters what you do once you get there. Anyone can put in extra work to get into a slightly better school but only the best can really excel when they get into their school of choice.
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